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System Capability

e-Government concepts combined with open source solutions for managing and organization of governments and administrative systems. Entire countries are converting to these solutions to reduce cost and increase effectiveness and efficiency. The primary considerations are security, integrity, scalability. 508, W3C compliant e-Government and open source solutions provide the tools to meet needs effectively and efficiently.

The Main Points

  1. Strong use cases in US and international government.
  2. Security: Some of the worlds leading agencies are already using it in the U.S.
  3. Open Source: Distributed under the GNU GPL license.
  4. Paperless Office: Fulfills/supports GPEA Government Paperwork Elimination Act initiative.
  5. Scalable/Extensible: Grows with needs.

Plone is Secure

  • The user and access control of Plone is based on the proven and reliable security management of Zope.
  • Contextual security allows you to isolate departments and data sections.
  • Individual items or types of content can have their own security rules.

Collaborative Management (CIM, CMS, DMS)

  • Collaborative Information Management (CIM)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Data Management System (DMS)
  • Plone is durable and suitable for managing large amounts of content
  • Plone is like any Zope application of very good scalability, and manages content for organizations of all sizes.

Plone is Modular & Expandable

  • Component built applications are flexible and expandable.
  • Zope achieved an advanced component architecture, which combines a manageable set of well-defined functions in compact, well-structured components.
  • Using well structured and clear interfaces, these simple components are adaptable for complex applications.
  • Once developed, components can be used in different contexts.

Plone is Multilingual

  • Plone supports more than 45 languages and includes many dialects. It handles European, Asian, African, South and North American languages, and even right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew with ease.
  • Multilingual content is managed with powerful tools.
  • Once enabled on your system, just click on translate and you get a side by side view of the original content and the page you are translating to.

Plone User & Group Management 

  • Plone allows specified roles and functions. Just like 'real world'. In the real world you give a person a role and they can do certain functions in that role.
  • In Plone, a role is given to a certain person in a certain department, that person can perform those functions in that department.
  • Ability to perform functions in roles can be expanded as needed.

Plone Offers Configurable Workflow

  • Workflow is the process of 'how your organization does things'.
  • In other words, Plone can be structured to imitate your 'real world' work flow. If a report needs to be made, reviewed, sent back for corrections, re-reviewed and then submitted to management, then a workflow can be made to do just that.
  • The workflow can be designed to inform key people when a certain thing happens, so reports don't linger in electronic limbo.

Workflow II

  • You can even inform a content item that if it is not looked at within a certain amount of time, it should communicate to key personnel that it has not been reviewed.
  • Content items or reports can be 'smart objects'. That means they can email people when certain conditions are met.
  • If you wanted, you could even have items send messages to managers under specified conditions. It all depends on your 'real world' needs.

Roles & Groups

  • Roles give users different abilities within the system.
  • Groups help you organize users into departments of projects.
  • Roles can be contextual in groups. Example: a role in a department can have power in that department, but not in other departments.
  • Roles and groups give people permissions to do things in the 'real world'. The system allows permissions, groups and roles to be adjusted.


  • Sharing content items allows users to give access to content that is not in the role or department of the user.
  • This way the user can collaborate with another user in a different department.
  • Individual items can be 'shared' from the owner of that item for special access.


  1. States mean what 'state' is a piece of content in. Think of it as a stage of development in the 'real world'.
  2. Is it private, so other members, or users can not see it?
  3. Is it submitted for publishing internally within the department, organization, or externally, for the world to see?
  4. Is it published internally or externally?
  5. What state an item is in, is related to your 'real world' workflow.

The Plone Environment

  • Plone has a browser-based user interface and runs therefore without client installation on all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X
  • The WYSIWYG editor, with integrated spell check, facilitates easy creation of content.
  • You can, if required, connect Plone to your favorite html editors as well.

Plone is Considerate

  • Users of Plone have a simple information retrieval available: Intelligent full-text search agents with push technology and to find similar documents.
  • Features like auto generating TOC's and presentation modes to help organize and display your work.
  • What else: creating Abstracts, search in external sources (web sites, databases), Systems can be designed to adapt and extend their reach as needed.


Organizational Management

  • Departments
  • Resources
  • Workflow
  • Documents, pages, pdf's,
  • Tools, portlets, database integration security and accessibility.

Pluggable Authentication

  • Can be integrated with LDAP
  • Active Directory
  • SQL, mySQL databases
  • Plone can be adapted to talk to multiple systems and collaborate through API's

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Plone systems, out of the box, are optimized for high ranking in search engines.
  • Content titles, descriptions and page data just need to be filled in and the meta data will be visible to search engines.
  • Plone utilizes the dublin core library standards for meta data.

Workflow (Real World)

  1. Plone can be conformed to your existing workflow procedures in your organization or department.
  2. In other words, your existing approval processes can be built into the system.
  3. From simple workflow to complex, the system can be adapted to work with your procedures. Out of the box you already have public, member, editor, reviewer, contributor, and private workflow states. Workflow rules can be written to fit your needs.

What is Plone used for?

  • Government systems and content management.
  • Enterprise level management intra and extra net applications.
  • Media and news systems such as magazines and newspapers.


  • As per today there are over 450 add-on products available to install inside a PLONE web system.
  • Communications, group networking, payment systems and carts, even multimedia systems and advertising systems.
  • Plone allows you to start out simple, and add systems based on needs.

Live Full-Text Searching

  1. All content is searchable immediately; even Word documents and PDF files.
  2. LiveSearch puts it all at your fingertips. Try the search box on this site for a demo. 
  3. Even the URL is a search engine!
  4. Example: say you change a page name in the URL or move a content item. If someone goes to the old URL, instead of getting an error, they get a list of potential pages they are looking for.

Plone is Based on Open Source Platforms

  • Plone open-source core software is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) and can be downloaded free.
  • Plone is an open source user interface that relies on other open source platform language/systems such as zope and python.

Plone is Independent

  • Plone is independent, meaning the source code is open source.
  • The Plone brand and the code of the CMS is managed by the Plone Foundation, registered, and protected against abuse.
  • For users all over the world, using Plone as a strategic platform for management means a high degree of investment security.

Plone is Versatile

  • Dexterity is the latest system that is coming on line for tool building
  • UML can be used to create tools without writing a single line of code

Plone is Successful

  • Plone is global.
  • Governments, Universities, NGO's and large companies and media organizations rely on the performance of Plone.
  • Examples: Argentina and parts of the Belgium government administration, in Switzerland the city of Bern and the city Zug.

Plone is Professional

  • A worldwide network of IT service providers is working for customers demanding high-quality services.
  • The Plone community is in continual development mode, and works in a collaborative environment to design and debug new systems.
  • From this effort highly individualized Plone solutions and system advancements are manifest on a regular basis.

Plone is Exciting!

  • Plone is nurtured and developed by a major international developer community with great passion.
  • The common goal of all developers is Plone CMS to be the best of its class.
  • With approximately 160 core developers and 570 Plone developers for products, the Plone community is one of the largest and most vibrant open-source developer communities worldwide.
  • Plone works closely with the Zope and Python Development communities in solution development.

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