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2013 October - The Leading Edge

The IPCC AR5 WG1 Has Landed
2013 October - The Leading Edge

IPCC AR5 WGI Climate Change 2013

Note: This page will have components added to it as time allows for comparative analysis to IPCC AR4.

The IPCC AR5 WG1 Has Landed

The AR5 WG1 report was approved and is available. The majority of the image data is expected to be available the first week of November. OSS will update images on this page with final edit images as able.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Estimated atmospheric CO2 levels have increased:

Atmospheric CO2

IPCC AR5 WGI Atmospheric CO2

Cumulative Total Anthropogenic CO2 emissions from 1870




IPCC AR5 WGI Cumulative total anthropogenic CO2 emissions from 1870 GtCO2

Radiative Forcing

Estimated radiative forcing has increased 72% since IPCC AR4 (1.66 to 2.29)

IPCC AR5 WGI Radiative forcing by Emissions and drivers


IPCC AR5 WGI Observed global averaged combined land-ocean surface temperature anomaly 1850-2012

Observed Changes in Surface Temperature 1901-2012

IPCC AR5 WGI Observed change in average surface temperature 1901-2012

Global Average Surface Temperature Change

IPCC AR5 WGI Global average surface temperature change

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