Images and graphs regarding the medieval warm period.
MWP Beck

MWP Beck

This chart seems to be sourced from a chart done in the UK with the data smoothed. Originally presentec by E.G. Beck with the green circles added by RC team. RC - "It originally is taken from the first IPCC report of 1990: a scan of the original is shown in Figure 3. At that time, no large-scale temperature reconstructions were available yet. To give an indication of past climate variability, the report showed Lamb’s Central England estimate. (Unfortunately this was not stated in the report".

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IPCC Temperature Reconstruction

IPCC Temperature Reconstruction

When all the temperature reconstructions are considered you achieve a picture of the Global Mean Temperature (GMT)

IPCC Temperature Reconstruction - Read More…

MWP Origin Graph?

MWP Origin Graph?

Possibly this is the original graph that the IPCC used for their 1990 report. Possibly from a university in the UK.

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MWP Common Image

MWP Common Image

This is the typical image used to show that it was warmer during the medieval warm period that today. The graph is apparently representative of real data but the data is regional and therefore does not represented the global mean temperature (GMT).

MWP Common Image - Read More…

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