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2014 Jan - The Leading Edge

2014 Jan - The Leading Edge

2013 Significant Climate Anomalies and Events


The Arctic Gap might be filling in...

Cowtan & Way 2013 illustrates that previous 'estimates' of the atmospheric global warming pause may have been unable to fully account for the Polar Amplification Effect. Insufficient temperature measurements in the Arctic have prevented a better understanding of just how much the standard GMT measurements may be negatively biased. If the kriging method used in Cowtan & Way, 2013 proves substantially valid then the touted atmospheric pause in temperature rise may not actually exist. While the method can benefit from further analysis (as can all studies) Kevin Cowtan and Robert G. Way seem to have made important progress in filling the Arctic gap with this recent work.

Ocean Heat Content (OHC)

The OHC is around 90% of the picture of global warming. The NOAA data indicates that the pace of warming has remained relatively steady.


NOAA heat_content2000m

90% of heat from the sun is estimated to be trapping in the worlds oceans. Only 2 to 3% is estimated to trap in the atmosphere. The graph above is probably the best evidence that there is 'no pause' in total global warming of the climate system. It shows a relatively steady warming in the ocean all the way down to the 2000 meters level and is estimated to have trapped around 19 x 1022 joules since 1955.

Source: NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center)

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