Data contamination problems have already been compensated for in the NASA models. This argument goes nowhere important.

Errors and anomalies are meted out through models that eliminate bad data.

6 December 2004 The Surface Temperature Record and the Urban Heat Island

2 July 2007 No man is an (Urban Heat) Island


All of this research has made it clear that something as seemingly simple as determining the average surface temperature of Earth during a year is, in fact, almost insurmountably complicated.  In fact, simply determining accurately the temperature of the air at any point is a task that requires some significant scientific attention to detail.

Right, probably why there are trillions of bits of data collected and analyzed by thousands of scientists.

If Mr. Coleman really believes this, and being that he is a weatherman at KUSI 51 in San Diego, how can he report the daily temperatures in his daily weather reports. By his own logic he is explaining that he is wrong every single day "at any point". Or would he concede that what he really does is report the average estimated temperature based on the observed data filtered through the proxy models that weathermen use on a daily basis?

It is complicated. The reasonable way to state this is that based on models and observations, climatologists are able to state with reasonable confidence that the GMT is a measured, observed quantity based on the collection means available. It does a good job of getting close and does have an error variance. But so do Mr. Coleman's daily weather reports, yet they are likely reasonably accurate.

Nasa: The difference between weather and climate.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts has found that the National Climate Data Center's global observing network, the heart and soul of surface weather measurement, is, in his words "a disaster". He reports urbanization has left many sites in unsuitable locations such as on hot black asphalt, next to trash burn barrels, beside heat exhaust vents, even attached to hot chimneys and above outdoor grills! He says that as a result the data and approach taken by many global warming alarmists is seriously flawed. Watts contends that if the global data were properly adjusted for urbanization and station siting, and land use change issues were addressed, what would emerge is a cyclical pattern of rises and falls with much less of any background trend.  Here is a typical pictures of a weather observation station that is poorly sited.

UHI Image

Errors and anomalies are meted out through models that eliminate bad data. This is well known by those that do the analysis but not well known by others that have not checked.

6 December 2004 The Surface Temperature Record and the Urban Heat Island

2 July 2007 No man is an (Urban Heat) Island

Marysville, California weather station Watts is leading a national campaign to document the siting of every weather station in the United States.  You can see the results and join his survey team if you would like at

Again, anomalous readings are filtered out in the data assessment (see above).

Global Warming Comments by John Coleman (Page 28)

Anthony Watts

The United Nations established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988.  At that time some researchers where already touting the Global Warming crisis.  After all this time and the hype and scary claims of how uncontrollable warming is destroying our way of life, I have to ask as we move into 2008, where is this runaway Global Warming?  Even if we believe the NASA chart above, the warm-up since 1980 has been about half a degree.  Yes, we may have experienced some warm years in late 20th century (the peak of the last solar cycle) but since then the years seem to have been trending cooler, despite the various claims of the Global Warming doomsayers.

Mr. Coleman clearly does not understand the time scales involved here. The cooling trend is a short term calculation and influenced by both natural and human caused forcings.

Mr. Coleman clearly does not understand the methodology, or the trends, or the forcing, or the natural cycles, and even though he is a meteorologist, he seems not to understand the short term variability of weather based on the ENSO and solar cycles as known.

It is not uncommon for weather men to only think short term though. That is the realm of weather. Climate however is long term. Mr. Coleman is maybe trying to apply meteorological concepts to climatology, which would not produce relevant understanding.

Nasa: The difference between weather and climate.

As best I can tell, man-made Global Warming is nowhere to be found.

Mr. Coleman has apparently not examined the relevant science, which of course has limited and biased his view.

Many people suffer from bias. When someone researches only the data sources one trusts, one is subject to the error potential of such a limited view.

Climate is massively complex and the best way to study it is to examine the raw data and subsequent analysis vetted by the aggregated understanding achieved through the relevant peer review process.

Global Warming Comments by John Coleman (Page 29)

The best resource for the scientific data debunking Global Warming is

The best resource for scientific data is the NASA, NOAA, NCDC, NAS, GISS, NSIDC, SOHO and all their affiliated scientific institutions.

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