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Dansgaard Oeschger Events
The (estimated) 1470 Year Climate Cycle - Often quoted as the 1500 year cycle is a popular red herring used by S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery. It is also a real climate cycle known as Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) events. It is of unknown origin.
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El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
ENSO stands for El Niño/ Southern Oscillation. The ENSO cycle refers to the coherent and sometimes very strong year-to-year variations in sea- surface temperatures, convective rainfall, surface air pressure, and atmospheric circulation that occur across the equatorial Pacific Ocean. El Niño and La Niña represent opposite extremes in the ENSO cycle.
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Galactic Cosmic Rays
Galactic Cosmic Rays have been considered as a possible relevant cause in our current global warming event. Examinations of claims that galactic cosmic rays are responsible four our current global warming event have been assessed through peer review and peer response. The consensus remains that there is no significant correlation between galactic cosmic rays and climate change, especially in relation to our current warming event.
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Glenn Beck
Rebuttal to Glenn Beck on Global Warming: A common problem with media personalities is actually multifaceted. They tend to market to their base and they tend to not understand the science and confuse the issue. This results in a battle of science vs. rhetoric. Glenn Beck is an excellent example and exhibits the problem well. Unfortunately, in the media, he is not alone.
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Greenhouse Gases
Current climate conditions trends and averages: Greenhouse Gases (GHG's) and relevant data products.
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Greenhouse Gases/Effect
Greenhouse Gases (GHG's) are the various gases that block outgoing long-wave infrared from easily leaving our atmosphere. The Greenhouse Effect (GHE) is the physical mechanism of this blocking mechanism in our atmosphere that influence how much heat we retain within the atmosphere.
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Greenland Ice Melt
The ice is melting in Greenland. The ice melt rate is also accelerating. What does this mean? That depends on your context in time, your geographic location, and ultimately, why it is happening?
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History of Climate Science
The history of climate science goes back to the early 1900's. This section contains a chronological listing of relevant climate science discoveries and events related to anthropogenic global warming. The information here was compiled by Spencer Weart (see links for reference).
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Human Caused Global Warming
How do we know current global warming is human caused, or man made? Is global warming real, or a hoax? Consider the facts: the climate system is indicated to have left the natural cycle path; multiple lines of evidence and studies from different fields all point to the human fingerprint on current climate change; the convergence of these evidence lines include ice mass loss, pattern changes, ocean acidification, plant and species migration, isotopic signature of CO2, changes in atmospheric composition, and many others. The only identifiable cause explaining these changes with confidence is human influence and increased greenhouse gas emissions. Science has simply not found any other cause factor that can account for the scale of the recent increase in radiative forcing and associated warming.
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Ian Plimer
Ian Pilmer, an Australian geologist, wrote a book of which its premise is described as pointing out that climate research is driven by the prospect of research funding. Generally speaking, institution and government scientists make the same amount of money no matter what they study. Grant funding, unlike bailout money, goes to equipment and research work, not salaries and golden parachutes.
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