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Lord Christopher Monckton
Rebuttal to Lord Monckton: Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. His bio includes receiving a diploma in journalism from the University College, Cardiff. He performed as a policy adviser for Margaret Thatcher. He has spent a great deal of energy lately attempting to establish himself as offering 'scientific' perspectives on human caused global warming. Rebuttal to Lord Monckton's arguments: his perspectives largely contain facts out of context, non sequitur and red herring arguments, as well as straw man constructions that are anything but scientifically sound when examined in context of the relevant science.
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John Coleman
John Coleman has claimed that global warming is a hoax and the greatest scam in history. This article is direct rebuttal to the false claims John Coleman has made, and his position on global warming. In summary he simply has no science to support his argument. He uses non sequiturs, red herrings, false dichotomies, and straw man arguments. Our current global warming event is human caused and John Coleman is wrong on so many points that he simply can't be taken seriously on this subject. John Coleman was one of the founders of the weather channel, and is now a weatherman at KUSI 51 in San Diego California.
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Richard Lindzen
Rebuttal to Richard Lindzen: In general, to support his contentions that global warming is not a serious threat, Lindzen relies on largely unsupported claims pertaining to well reasoned science regarding forcing and feedback's. Some of his contentions have been reasonably contested and in some cases the opposite of his claims have proven true. He tends to say it won't be so bad, but seems to be largely ignoring the economic costs of moving infrastructure and resource scarcity issues.
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Glenn Beck
Rebuttal to Glenn Beck on Global Warming: A common problem with media personalities is actually multifaceted. They tend to market to their base and they tend to not understand the science and confuse the issue. This results in a battle of science vs. rhetoric. Glenn Beck is an excellent example and exhibits the problem well. Unfortunately, in the media, he is not alone.
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Keeling Curves
Most understand the Keeling curve as an upward trend of CO2 in the atmosphere as measured by the Mauna Loa measurements of Charles David Keeling. But there are two Keeling curves and they are related to each other in more than one way. While CO2 increases, it stands to reason that O2 will decrease (C + O2 = CO2). The two curves also have family ties.
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Greenland Ice Melt
The ice is melting in Greenland. The ice melt rate is also accelerating. What does this mean? That depends on your context in time, your geographic location, and ultimately, why it is happening?
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It's the Sun!
This is a common myth. It sounds sort of logical if you don't understand the contexts involved. The fact is that we receive most of our heat energy from the sun and a little bit from the heat stored in the earths core. But does that mean this global warming event is caused by the sun? No. Here's why:
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Oceanic Thermal Inertia
The primary reasons we are not heating up faster include oceanic thermal inertia and industrial negative aerosol forcing.
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Atmospheric Aerosols
Aerosols are tiny particles that are capable of suspending in the atmosphere. Most come from natural means such as dust storms, volcanoes, fires, or even vegetation and sea spray (sea salt released into the atmosphere). Human activity also contributes aerosol pollution through the alteration of natural surface cover, industrial pollutants, and the burning of fossil fuels.
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Carolyn Revelle, What My Father Really Said
The disturbing story of how scientists that work for special interests can tarnish the reputation of a 'Truly Great Scientist' Roger Revelle. This is a story of distortion that has resonated for years in the global warming debate. The facts and the evidence are clear. Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen, John Coleman and anyone else that supports the deception are guilty of more than deception.
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